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Starting work on new project

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No new drawings this week, since I don’t have access to a scanner. I’ve mostly been doing research for a new book project. I had an idea while looking through the promotions paper companies make. I really want to make a book that has different paper stocks, papers sizes, die-cuts etc. The book will be […]

Boy and bear new illustration

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I finished a new illustration of a boy wrestling/ hugging a bear. I originally wanted the picture to be unambiguous and show the boy and bear play fighting. But then some people to whom I showed preliminary sketches thought it was a dangerous situation for the boy, so i toned it down and it seems […]

Comic work-in-progress

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These past few months I’ve been working on a comic. I’ve completed the first part of the comic, but I don’t plan on making it available until I’ve completed the story. The comic is a sci-fi story about alien encounters. Ideally it would be a serial with a different alien race in each chapter. The […]

Figure drawing week 4

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Today was my last day taking the figure drawing class. I don’t know that my figure drawing got better, but I think I’m better able to draw people from memory.