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Fiction Project

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I decided a couple of months ago to enter the Fiction Project at the Brooklyn Art Library. I decided to use the opportunity, with the very real deadline of May 2, to work on a autobiographical comic I’ve been wanting to do for two years. Because it’s an autobiography, I’ve been stressing over finding the […]

Illustration Friday: Bicycle

Posted by on Apr 28, 2011 in illustration friday | 5 Comments

My submission for Illustration Friday. What do dinosaurs have to do with bicycles? Nothing. I don’t draw nonsensical images often and I want to learn how to draw prehistoric animals…hence the picture you see above. The image above was drawn with an ink brush, and I was looking at some of Bill Watterson’s dinosaurs to […]

Drawers 2.0

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Here’s my second Claire Wendling book review for Drawers 2.0 (second edition of the book). This is a big artbook ( 9.5in by 11.5 in. 144 pages) with a variety of artwork. The first 9 pages shows panels from her comics (I don’t think she does comics anymore though). Then 26 pages of colored illustration, […]

Iguana Bay 2.0

Posted by on Apr 19, 2011 in Book Review, inspiration | One Comment

The book “Iguana Bay” (I have the second edition) is one of my favorite books in my collection. It features the artwork of french illustrator / comic book artist Claire Wendling. Claire is super talented, especially in her animal drawings. She simply does the best animal drawings hands down. Her line drawings are very fluid […]

Drawing at the MET

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I went to the Metropolitan museum on Thursday. When I was making my way to the ticket booth, some guy stopped me and gave me his admission button. Thank you random guy for allowing me to save some money. So I went to the museum to sketch me some statues in the European art wing. […]

Mocca report

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So this past weekend was my “MOCCA weekend”, and my very first convention as an exhibitor. Here’s my half-table setup. It was more sparse on Saturday, but then on Sunday I added more stuff to my display because I didn’t think subtlety would get me anywhere in this situation. I had no idea what to […]

The Village Voice article

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The Comics Issue: If Cartoons Are So Big, Why Don’t They Pay? Article detailing exactly how broke cartoonists are….and they’re pretty broke. From most illustrators and cartoonists I talked to, it helps to have a second job. But in my previous desk job, I found that bosses weren’t necessarily appreciative of my diverse skill set. […]

NY Times Article

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I just read this article, “That Noisy Woodpecker Had an Animated Secret”, thought it was funny/interesting. Whereas Tyler Durden hid porn inside films, the animation director of the Woody Woodpecker cartoons hid fine art. I’m going to have to find some woodpecker cartoons now to see if it’s true.

Threadless “Noir” contest

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I just submitted a design for the Threadless Noir contest. I just did it tonight in 2 hours. Don’t expect to win the contest, but wanted to submit to see how fast I could churn something out. It’s an amalgamation of all the film noir clich├ęs I could think of.

Gowanus printlab t-shirt contest

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I submitted a drawing for Gowanus Printlab T-Shirt design contest., because why the heck not? I’ve never been to the Gowanus Printlab, and if I didn’t have prior engagements tomorrow I’d probably go to their awards party. I submitted one design but two different color schemes because I couldn’t make up my mind. It’s an […]