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The Storyboard book: Steamboy

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For students of animation and film making, here is book containing the storyboard for the anime movie “Steamboy”. I wasn’t too crazy about the movie when I saw it, in fact I can’t remember the story, but visually it’s a very nice movie. It was directed by Katsuhiro Otomo , of “Akira” fame, and I […]

SVA Thesis show: Illustration as Visual Essay

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I saw the thesis show for the “illustration as Visual Essay” program (SVA) last weekend. The reason I went is partly because I’m interested in the program, and also I’ve met a couple of people who are graduating from it this year. I was told that the thesis for the project has to be a […]

Figure drawing : couple

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Went to a life-drawing session last Wednesday and had both a male and a female model. It’s only the fourth time I’ve drawn two models at the same time and it can be challenging to draw two bodies in short poses. I personally wonder how the heck the models can actually be both naked at […]