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How to do a 3-d /stereoscopic image

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Last week I bought a very cool 3-d silkscreened book from Dernier Cri. It’s possibly the first time I’ve seen stereoscopic images that “work”. By the way, by stereoscopic I’m referring to images that need to be seen with red/blue lens glasses. So I bought the book to figure out how it was made. Below, […]

Desert Island Comic Zine Party Part 2

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This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to show and sell my work at the Whitney Museum as part of the “Desert Island Comic Zine Party”. Other artists showing their work included: Jungyeon Roh, Noah Lyon, Chris Uphues, Partyka Collective, Jen Tong, Sto, and Chris Patch. I never signed my name as much as I […]

New York Comic-con

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Went to my very first comic-con last Friday. Although I’m a big anime / manga geek, I’ve never been to a convention because it looked intimidating with all the people dressed up as characters. I decided to give it a go this year for two reasons: first I found out some artists I like would […]

Gumbo Limbo mini comic

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This piece was inspired from a dream I had in which gigantic alligators were fighting each other. I thought gigantic alligators would make a really really cool visual. So I made this 16 page comic about a field trip to the Everglades gone wrong. There are no words, just pictures. Also, this comic has a […]

Man vs. wild foldout poster

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This piece is inspired from a piece I have created by Tomi Um, an illustrator I met at SVA a couple of years ago. I really like the concept behind the piece, that as you unfold it a new image reveals itself furthering the story. So this is my piece in response to that. Also, […]