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Figure drawing from your computer

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I just discovered this link: So far I’ve only tried out the animal drawing part, and I like it. It mimics an actual figure drawing class in that you can draw from a picture at different intervals.

3×3 blog, For what it’s worth

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Here’s an uplifting blog entry I read. In fact, I feel illustrators have a much better opportunity to be successful in the future than designers. Why? As technology continues to improve designers will have fewer opportunities to do what they do best, whereas illustrators can offer visual solutions in any media for any product or […]

American Museum of Natural History sketches

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Over the Christmas break, I spent a lot of time at the Miami Metrozoo sketching animals. All the books about animal drawing I’ve read say it’s very important to go to the zoos and draw from life, but the more I thought about it the more it didn’t make sense to me. Animals, unlike humans, […]

The Tower: a 3-d stereoscopic story

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I printed a stereoscopic book in December for which I didn’t make an entry in my blog yet. So here goes. This book is a bit different from all my previous book in that it has one color illustrations (for the stereoscopic effect, the illustration is printed twice with different colors, but you can read […]

Tac au Tac

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I discovered these videos on youtube. Apparently, “Tac au tac” is an old french tv show featuring famous European comic book artists. Most of the artists draw with a marker, skipping the sketching stage…something I’m not able to do at my current level. Anyway, the show is in french, but I don’t think it’s necessary […]

Oil Painting class

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I signed up for a oil painting class this semester. I’ve never done oil painting and after going to the MET a few times, I felt I had to learn it, do “real art” if you will. The paintings you see above are the “wash-ins”, it’s just the color Raw Umber in different shades. Later […]

“Three-armed squid” comic anthology

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I’m working on a comic anthology with a couple other people called “Three-armed squid”. We will have it done just in time for Mocca, and each one of us will contribute a four page comic using the four seasons as a theme. My theme is “summer”. Original my idea was about an office person stuck […]

3×3 Annual

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Yesterday, I received in the mail the new 3×3 annual! I am on page 243. Unlike other illustration directories, 3×3 is much cheaper. It’s also curated, so I was ┬álucky to get in. Hopefully, this will lead to something else.