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Etching class

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Apart from the oil painting class I’m currently taking, I’m also doing an etching class. I’ve taken etching before, but I forgot everything. Truth be told, I have some difficulties with drawing on a metal plate with a metallic stick. I’m trying to get the hang of it. Here are some etching prints I’ve done. […]

Rabid Rabbit submission

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I was invited to contribute to the comics anthology “Rabid Rabbit” for their fourteenth issue. By the way I helped in building their new website last year, which I think is why they let me contribute a comic. Anyway, the theme for the upcoming issue is “Romance”. I had to think long and hard on […]

Oil Painting class: second layer of paint

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Here’s a followup on the oil painting I started a few weeks ago. I won’t be able to finish it since the models are no longer in the class. This is the first layer of paint on top of the raw umber underpainting. I should point out that I have never painted oil before. I’ve […]

Art Student League sketches

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This February I took a class at the Art Student League to do figure drawing. This is the second class I’m taking at the league, and so far both classes have been let downs. I’ve read good reviews of the League, so I don’t understand why my experience with it is so different. The class […]