Oil Painting blog to check out

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I just got an email from my oil painting teacher that he’s started a blog. I invite people to check it out, he has very definite opinions on what makes good art and he is pretty entertaining to boot. The blog url is http://blog.fineartportrait.com/. There are four entries so far, with hopefully a lot more […]

Alien Encounters: The tree of life

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Here is my latest project which I managed to finish for Mocca last week. It’s a “double book”, the cover page is a long piece of paper folded into a z which allows you to fit two books. The two books have the same story, the same artwork, the difference is that one book is […]

Oil Painting class

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Last week my oil painting class finished. The portrait you see above is the culmination of 30 hours of work. This was my first painting class ever. I did some acrylic paintings when I was in middle and high school, but I’ve always been more focused on drawing than painting…so don’t judge too harshly. Admittedly […]