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Elephant Prints

I’m taking Bruce Waldman’s etching class this summer, doing a series of etching of the Museum of Natural History dioramas which I will post in the next couple of weeks. So far I have been using a lot of aquatint to shade my etching, but I’ve become frustrated with aquatint since it keeps getting fainter […]

The Ordovician and the Silurian: work in progress

I haven’t posted any new work in a while, so I thought I should post a work in progress. I’ll probably only end up making one book this summer because I ended up using this time to reprint some previous books. It’s the sequel to “The Cambrian”: the Ordovician and Silurian. I originally planned on […]

Art School Confidential clip

I was actually looking for a different clip of this movie, but this is funny too. This movie is especially funny for art students, not so much for the general audience, especially when the movie starts focusing on the grizzly murders surrounding the campus.. I think they were aiming for black humor, but for me […]

About the spinning plane in Central Park…

I had to google the spinning plane for my last entry and I found a link about the artist. By the way, I’m sad to say that my idea of making the sculpture into a ride was totally unoriginal. There I said it, I’m a hack. Here are some quotes from the artist about her […]

When did this become Art?

Here’s Andy Rooney on public art. I’ve often disagreed with what he’s had to say because he was clearly senile. Here I agree with him, except I have a sense of humor so weird public sculptures amuse me. We should put all weird sculptures in one park and call it “Wackyland”. Why has nobody ever […]

The Twilight of painting

Surfing the internet the other day, I came across this page about an artist I’d never heard of before: R. H. Ives Gammell. He wrote a book called “The Twilight of Painting” which in the opening chapter states: “The ultimate importance of Modern Painting in the history of art will be seen to lie in […]

Why boredom is good for your creativity

Here’s an article that talks about the all too familiar struggle of getting work done. I personally have to go to the print studio at SVA to work, I find too many things distracting in my apartment (internet, piano, food, dvd collection, book collection). I feel that the print studio has a more “work-friendly” atmosphere […]