New book: Heaven & Hell

February 16, 2013New art work

Hot of the presses, a new accordion book titled “Heaven and Hell”. I’ve had an idea for a while about doing a book about love / hate because I thought the juxtaposition would be interesting to see. The idea morphed into heaven and hell, even though I’m not religious at all, because I was inspired … Read More

Custom diorama commission

December 30, 2012New art work

A few months ago, somebody approached me to do a custom diorama for them. The diorama was intended to be a present for a scuba-diving couple. The gist of the assignment was to draw the couple doing what they do: salvaging 16th century wrecks and a specific specie of coral found in the Dominican Republic. … Read More

Learning how to draw with the Wacom tablet

December 23, 2012New art work, portraits, Sketches

After looking at a few videos of professional comic book artists creating drawings completely in the digital realm, I’ve decided to try my hand at it. My method in creating art work has been to draw on an actual piece of paper, scan the drawing in and color digitally. One of the drawbacks is that … Read More

Stop-motion project

December 3, 2012Old art work

About 4 years ago, I took a Stop-motion animation class at SVA because I’m always looking to try something different. We learned how to build puppets (I built a minotaur and matador), and shot the animation using iStopMotion…although now that I think about it, I think we also used the Lunchbox at one point. Anyway, … Read More

Frog on textile

November 14, 2012New art work

Here’s what I printed in my “textile printing” class yesterday. I printed both on denim and muslin. This was an experiment for me since I was checking to see how well the clear base for textile worked (the paste to make colors transparent). The verdict is that it works as well as the clear base … Read More

Mister book

November 9, 2012New art work

This book is a bit different from my typical offering. Inspired from rage comics, this book has a collection a faces / expressions to help in making photo comics (not rage comics specifically). It’s an unusual idea, and I don’t know if it’s completely stupid or just a little bit. I’ll gauge people’s reaction tomorrow … Read More

Bamboo: new booklet

November 8, 2012New art work

I was able to finish a new book for the Brooklyn fest this weekend. I was inspired to do a smaller and simpler book. It’s 24 pages long, and 2.5 x 5.5 inches long, and uses 3 colors (as opposed to my usual 6 colors). It has a story with an environmental theme, humans cutting … Read More

Chimp pillow

October 25, 2012New art work

My latest sewing creation: the chimp pillow. You get two chimps one one pillow for variety. The poses were sort of inspired from Bruce Lee. I a perfect world, I would put an audio device in the pillow that made sound whenever you punched the pillow, but right now it’s not feasible financially.

More dinosaur product

October 11, 2012New art work

Continuing my quest to have a wider range of products, I decided to print my popular t-rex design on fabric which I then sewed to make cushions and bags. Everybody’s been telling me I should print on tote bags, but I personally don’t like tote bags. I do like backpacks though, and this design is … Read More

New book: the Ordovician and the Silurian

September 24, 2012New art work

Sorry about the crummy pictures…I really wish my DSLR camera hadn’t been broken by a certain someone who shall remain nameless. I’m stuck with a point and shoot for the long haul. Anyway… Back from a long hiatus, here is my newest book “The Ordovician and the Silurian”. It’s a long title, but I have … Read More