Illustration Friday : Warning

March 10, 2011New art work

I like the distortions that happen with fish eye lenses and I wanted to do something in that vein. It’s too bad I can’t seem to find nformation on how to draw “distorted” perspective correctly. I think in a perspective course I took, the teacher mentioned something about 4 point perspective, which according to another … Read More

Illustration Friday : Swarm

March 3, 2011New art work

About a year ago I saw amazing wildlife footage of gannets fishing sardines underwater. (Seriously check it out! It also has sharks, dolphins, and a whale! It’s the most awesome wildlife footage ever!)It’s somewhat surreal to see birds “flying” in the sea. I’ve been wanting to draw something inspired from that video for a long … Read More

Illustration Friday – Reverse

February 23, 2011New art work

UPDATE: Check out the work section to see the silkscreen version of this illustration Here’s my submission. The wrestling move pictured is a “reverse gut wrench”. I’m actually going to talk a bit about the process I went through to get to this picture. Since I’m generally interested by how people get to their final … Read More

Illustration Friday: Sweater

February 16, 2011New art work

Don’t really have time this week to do an illustration. Nonetheless, I drew this up tonight. I used a pencil to draw the lines, but I usually use a mechanical pencil. I was focused on getting the girl’s legs right, and towards this end, I modeled for my own drawing. Drawing yourself while holding a … Read More

Boy and bear new illustration

December 17, 2010New art work, Silkscreen

I finished a new illustration of a boy wrestling/ hugging a bear. I originally wanted the picture to be unambiguous and show the boy and bear play fighting. But then some people to whom I showed preliminary sketches thought it was a dangerous situation for the boy, so i toned it down and it seems … Read More

Comic work-in-progress

December 12, 2010New art work

These past few months I’ve been working on a comic. I’ve completed the first part of the comic, but I don’t plan on making it available until I’ve completed the story. The comic is a sci-fi story about alien encounters. Ideally it would be a serial with a different alien race in each chapter. The … Read More