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Curse you Microsoft!

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I’ve been cursing extensively this past week because I’ve had to work on a Windows computer, using Microsoft Office Suite. People who sit next to me must think I’m going insane, though I usually curse in a foreign language so as to not offend my neighbors…but I guess that could be even weirder. I can’t […]

That dress picture…

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That dress picture with the “ambiguous” colors that’s been circulating has started to bother me…well mostly the people who say it’s blue and black. Am I missing the joke? They’re trolling right? How can you possibly see black on that dress? To finally put this to rest, I employed Photoshop to sample some colors. As […]

Recession Art Grand Opening

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I have a couple of my books for sale at RAC which will have its grand opening Saturday January 21. There is a grand opening reception from 6p.m to midnight at 9 Clinton St. I’ll be there as I’m curious how the space looks like, I don’t know whether I’m in the “gallery section” or […]

How to do a 3-d /stereoscopic image

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Last week I bought a very cool 3-d silkscreened book from Dernier Cri. It’s possibly the first time I’ve seen stereoscopic images that “work”. By the way, by stereoscopic I’m referring to images that need to be seen with red/blue lens glasses. So I bought the book to figure out how it was made. Below, […]

Boy and bear new illustration

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I finished a new illustration of a boy wrestling/ hugging a bear. I originally wanted the picture to be unambiguous and show the boy and bear play fighting. But then some people to whom I showed preliminary sketches thought it was a dangerous situation for the boy, so i toned it down and it seems […]

Silkscreen Process

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Because many people don’t know what silkscreen printing is, I’ll do a brief primer on it. I took some photos at the School of Visual Arts printshop to help illustrate some confusing passages. Silkscreen Printing is printing an image through the use of a silk mesh stretched over a frame(called silkscreen). Unlike most printing methods […]