My artwork in SVA email

December 14, 2011News

I received an email from the SVA mailing list today that features one of my illustrations. I signed a waiver last march allowing the school to use my artwork for promotional purposes. Didn’t think they would actually do it.

Degenerate craft fair this week-end

December 8, 2011News

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be selling my work at the “Degenerate craft fair“. I’ve never been, but I know a few of the students at the SVA printshop who have, and I thought why not try it out? It’s a two day event, goes from 12-9. I’ve been told there would be … Read More

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

November 29, 2011News

I have a table at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics festival! I just checked the website now, and they have the maps up. I’ll be in table 25, downstairs. Most of the other people I know will be on the upper floor. The festival sure has expanded and it’s still free admission (unlike Mocca fest). … Read More

Desert Island Comic Zine Party

September 30, 2011News

I’ll be showing / selling my work at the Whitney Museum on October 15 as part of the “Desert Island Comic Zine Party”. Don’t really know what to expect since, I believe, this is the first comic theme event the Whitney has had.

Sneak peek at the stuff for Mocca Fest

April 8, 2011News

Mocca Fest is finally upon us. I’ve been preparing for it for a month, mostly making the dioramas you see below. By the way, if anybody buys these lovely HANDMADE dioramas, my suggested frame is an IKEA RIBBA square frame. The bulk of the stuff I’ll be showing Mocca is handmade, down to the business … Read More

Preparing for Mocca

March 29, 2011News

Won’t be able to update the blog as much for the next week or so. I have a table at Mocca fest ! This is the first such event I’ve ever attended, and the first time I’ll be selling my artwork. I’m trying to get as much done before April 9, assembling mini comics, printing … Read More

I’m on DeviantArt

January 1, 2011News

Decided to put up a page on DeviantArt. I initially resisted the idea because it seems like the bulk of deviantart is populated by teens who like to draw fanart (whereas i’m not a teen and i haven’t done fanart since college). But after the insistence of one of my teachers, c.m butzer, I thought … Read More

Starting work on new project

December 26, 2010News

No new drawings this week, since I don’t have access to a scanner. I’ve mostly been doing research for a new book project. I had an idea while looking through the promotions paper companies make. I really want to make a book that has different paper stocks, papers sizes, die-cuts etc. The book will be … Read More

Finished snorkeling book Part II

October 15, 2010News

Today I finished printing EVERYTHING for the snorkeling book. That includes the inside pages, the title page, end page, endpaper and cover. I even comped up two books. When you make books manually, there’s a lots of different ways you can mess up. I’ll have to be careful when assembling all twenty-some books that I … Read More

Finished snorkeling book

October 1, 2010News

Today I finished printing the last page of my children’s book about snorkeling (which you can see in my “work” page). I still need to print the title page , the end papers, and the cover, but the end of this project is within sight. I first started working on this project in February, and … Read More