Mocca 2012 is finally over, after a month of frantically working to have my 3-d book done in time. Unlike the other conventions I’ve been to, I exhibited with my fellow print-studio-mates Alden and Alex under the name “Three-armed squid”, which I think was an improvement over my prior experiences. In general our table got a good response because it was overflowing with silkscreened handmade books…and I’d like to think that my blue ikea tablecloth really made things pop. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!


    • Sorry to inject such a basic question, but this is something I’ve never been able to find out: in these “N=4″, “N=8″ etc theories, what does the ‘N’ denote? Is it a variable that can take on arbitrary integer values? Is it like a coupling constant, or what?

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