Illustration Friday : Toy

March 31, 2011New art work

My submission for this week’s suggestion. Don’t really have time to do a proper drawing, so this is just a sketch. I basically drew one of my teddy bears, but didn’t use use any reference material for the kids. I’ll need to replace the clothings of the kids with less generic looking stuff, but you … Read More

Preparing for Mocca

March 29, 2011News

Won’t be able to update the blog as much for the next week or so. I have a table at Mocca fest ! This is the first such event I’ve ever attended, and the first time I’ll be selling my artwork. I’m trying to get as much done before April 9, assembling mini comics, printing … Read More

Animal Essence: the art of Joe Weatherly

March 22, 2011Book Review

A few years ago, I think it was when I was working on a book about elephants, I realized that I actually didn’t really know how to draw animals. Sure, I can copy from photos, but I didn’ t understand the underlying anatomy of what I was drawing. Imagine my surprise when I found out … Read More

Figure drawing: reclining male nude

March 17, 2011figure drawing, Sketches

I’m not submitting anything for Illustration Friday this week. I’m busy working on other things, getting ready for the Mocca fest most importantly. I may not be contributing pieces to ilustration for a few weeks…unless the suggestions really inspire me. Instead, this week I’m offering up some sketches I did last Monday. It was a … Read More

The Hallowed Seam

March 15, 2011Book Review

James Jean is an illustrator, most famous for his work on Fables. Since I rarely read American comics, I actually learned about him through one of my teachers at SVA, Stephen Gaffney, who teaches figure drawing. Interestingly, James Jean’s figure drawings do remind me of Stephen Gaffney’s figure drawings, but I digress… This book (248 … Read More

Illustration Friday : Warning

March 10, 2011New art work

I like the distortions that happen with fish eye lenses and I wanted to do something in that vein. It’s too bad I can’t seem to find nformation on how to draw “distorted” perspective correctly. I think in a perspective course I took, the teacher mentioned something about 4 point perspective, which according to another … Read More

The drawings of Heinrich Kley

March 9, 2011Book Review

This is a big book, 128 pages full of sketches from this relatively obscure but talented artist. Heinrich Kley was a mostly a commercial artist, which explains why he’s not as well-known as Van Gogh (for example). The drawings in this book are mostly political cartoons he drew for a German newspaper. All of the … Read More

Illustration Friday : Swarm

March 3, 2011New art work

About a year ago I saw amazing wildlife footage of gannets fishing sardines underwater. (Seriously check it out! It also has sharks, dolphins, and a whale! It’s the most awesome wildlife footage ever!)It’s somewhat surreal to see birds “flying” in the sea. I’ve been wanting to draw something inspired from that video for a long … Read More

The Sketchbook Project

March 2, 2011Exhibitions, inspiration

I went to the Brooklyn Art Library this weekend to look at the traveling exhibit “the Sketchbook Project“. Somebody suggested it to me, so I managed to go before it left for the next city. Going into the Art Library, I was a bit confused with their setup. You have to sign up on their … Read More

Sargent Portrait Drawings: 42 Works

March 2, 2011Book Review

Although I don’t really do portraiture or work in charcoal, the artwork in this book is amazing. There are artists who are good, and then there are artists who are really good. John Singer Sargent is definitely an artist above all others. Looking at all his portraits, you get an idea of the character the … Read More