Sneak peek at the stuff for Mocca Fest

April 8, 2011News

Mocca Fest is finally upon us. I’ve been preparing for it for a month, mostly making the dioramas you see below. By the way, if anybody buys these lovely HANDMADE dioramas, my suggested frame is an IKEA RIBBA square frame. The bulk of the stuff I’ll be showing Mocca is handmade, down to the business … Read More

Illustration Friday- Layers

April 3, 2011New art work

Layers are things (of the same kind) piled on top of each other, right? So decided to do layers of people. Like I mentioned in my “Reverse” submission, I wanted to tackle drawing groups of people, and my source of inspiration was the same (Utena Art book). Looked online for some reference photos. Found this … Read More