An ode to pigeons

June 21, 2011New art work

Here’s an illustration inspired by my experience with pigeons (as a little girl). The image on the left is the digital image from which I printed my silkscreen separations. The one on the right, is the silkscreen print.

Portraiture class sketches

June 19, 2011Sketches

This summer I’m taking a lot of classes at SVA. One of the classes I’m taking is a portrait-making class. Although I know how to draw people, I’m bad at capturing a person’s likeness, which is why I thought to take the class. Also, I was inspired by looking at the sketch portraits of Sargent…one … Read More

Photo sketches

June 9, 2011Sketches

Came back from a long vacation. Spent my time drawing from fashion magazines. Since I do a lot of figure drawing I’m good at drawing naked people contorting in weird ways. Fashion modeling however has clothed models in stiff positions, which is a change of pace from what I used to. The other nice thing … Read More