Lion sketches

July 29, 2011Animals, Sketches

Here are some “studies” I did of lions for the piece I posted last week. While I was looking online for reference material, I came across this charity in Florida, Big Cat Rescue, with two awesome YouTube channels which were very helpful in getting interesting cat poses. The first channel has educational videos and such. … Read More

New print : The Lion

July 15, 2011New art work

Here’s another print in my “feral children” series. This print is inspired from the book, by Joseph Kessel “The lion”. On the left is the picture colored digitally, and on the right is the silkscreened print. This print was a bit more difficult to color match, especially since I was dealing with four transparent colors. … Read More

Drawing classes

July 2, 2011Animals, portraits, watercolors

So this summer I ‘ve enrolled in a couple of drawing classes. I’m taking a portraiture class. I’m fairly happy with the woman’s portrait, less so with the man’s portrait. Either way, the two portraits lack “the essence of the person” if I can go a little metaphysical for a moment. I’m also taking a … Read More