Desert Island Comic Zine Party

September 30, 2011News

I’ll be showing / selling my work at the Whitney Museum on October 15 as part of the “Desert Island Comic Zine Party”. Don’t really know what to expect since, I believe, this is the first comic theme event the Whitney has had.

Art / animation blog to follow

September 25, 2011inspiration

Here’s a blog I stumbled upon recently which I recommend to any artist: Animation treasures (or one1more2time3’s weblog…i’m not sure which is the actual title of he site). The author of the blog is Hans Bacher, an animation production artist. He actually has a book out called Dream Worlds. Anyway, the site catalogs visual references, … Read More

Society of Illustrators Sketch night

September 17, 2011figure drawing, Sketches

I’d been meaning to go to the Society of Illustrators figure drawing sessions. Somebody had told me the sessions were like parties, and I wanted to see it for myself. I finally went on Thursday night, and it was by far the most upscale drawing session I’ve ever been to. Instead of being held in … Read More

Flipbook project

September 9, 2011New art work

My new project, which I hope to finish by October (doesn’t seem likely at this point, but maybe I can pull a miracle) is a flipbook. I’ve always wanted to do animation, but never studied it in depth. I’ve done about three very short hand drawn animations before, but this is the first one where … Read More