Justice and Mercy artbook review

December 30, 2011Book Review

“Justice and Mercy” is a 120 page book compiling Min-Woo Hyung‘s artwork. Min-Woo Hyung is the creator of the manwha series “Priest” which was turned into a movie last year. I like Min-Woo Hyung’s style: his figures are very angular, and they kind of look like fashion models. I think his style would lend itself … Read More

Overkill by Tomer Hanuka

December 28, 2011Book Review

Overkill by Tomer Hanuka is a 104 page book compiling the illustrator’s work over the years. I really like the cover for this book, it’s hot pink book cloth with a debossed sticker, and some metal foil type on the back. It makes the book seem expensive. I generally like Tomer Hanuka’s artwork; the colors … Read More

Yuko Shimizu artbook

December 26, 2011Book Review

I first discovered Yuko Shimizu about 5 years ago, leafing through a huge illustration book when I used to work in an ad agency. Incidentally, she also used to work in an ad agency in Japan, and in her 30s decided to study illustration in New York. Her story sort of inspired me to attempt … Read More

Kim Jung-Gi 2011 sketch collection

December 24, 2011Book Review

Here’s an artbook I bought a month ago: Kim Jung-Gi 2011 sketch collection. I found out about the book and the artist in Parka’s blog (great artbook blog to check out) At $132, this is the most I’ve ever spent on a book and I don’t regret it. But more on the price later. This … Read More

Encouragement from Albert Dorne

December 22, 2011inspiration

Albert Dorne was an American illustrator from the 1930s-1960s. His life story is a classic rags to riches story and worth a read. I love his drawings / illustrations and I wish there was a book of his work for sale. Anyway, while searching online for his artwork, I found this advert for his Famous … Read More

My kid could paint that

December 20, 2011News Articles

I saw a documentary last week called “My kid could paint that”. It’s about Maria Olmstead, a 4 year old girl (at the time) who sold abstract paintings for thousands of dollars, thereby vindicating the millions of people out there who think a child could do abstract art. As the documentary progresses doubts are raised … Read More

Portfolio tips for mainstream comics

December 17, 2011News Articles

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been wondering how one goes about working on superhero comics for DC and Marvel. More out of curiosity than any concrete plans to work for them in the future…Although it would be fun to draw buff guys for a living :). Here are some handy portfolio tips from Marvel’s … Read More

Out for the holidays

December 14, 2011News

I’m leaving New York for the holidays. What does it mean to you? It means I can’t fulfill any orders from my shop, so I’ve closed the shop down. In the next month, I’ll be working on redesigning the site. I’ll also work on my “Alien encounters” comic which I’ve been putting off since May. … Read More

My artwork in SVA email

December 14, 2011News

I received an email from the SVA mailing list today that features one of my illustrations. I signed a waiver last march allowing the school to use my artwork for promotional purposes. Didn’t think they would actually do it.

NYU holiday card

December 12, 2011New art work, watercolors

This past October, I got a job from NYU to do a watercolor for them. I’ve mostly done graphic design jobs in the past, and on one of those projects, I did a watercolor. Apparently, the card with the watercolor got a great response, and so they wanted me to do another watercolor for the … Read More