Degenerate craft fair: the report

December 12, 2011Exhibitions

Just finished showing and selling stuff at the 2-day Degenerate Craft Fair and man, I really need to get a table partner! Once again, I couldn’t see a lot of what other exhibitors were showing, so I can’t report on that. I liked the stuff the few things I saw though :). Especially the exhibitor … Read More

Degenerate craft fair this week-end

December 8, 2011News

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be selling my work at the “Degenerate craft fair“. I’ve never been, but I know a few of the students at the SVA printshop who have, and I thought why not try it out? It’s a two day event, goes from 12-9. I’ve been told there would be … Read More

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival part 2

December 4, 2011Exhibitions

Yesterday was the BCGF, and I had a good time. Experiencing the festival as an exhibitor and not as an attendee is very different. For one thing, I was there for the whole nine hours, and by the sixth hour, I was starting to space out and get really really hungry. Thankfully, a couple of … Read More