Romance comic

April 30, 2012New art work

I submitted a comic to issue 14 of Rabid Rabbit, which had “romance” for a theme. As it turns out I’m not in issue 14 of Rabid Rabbit. I honestly didn’t know there was a judging process after submission but I guess that makes sense. Anyway, here is my two page comic.

Mocca 2012

April 30, 2012News

Mocca 2012 is finally over, after a month of frantically working to have my 3-d book done in time. Unlike the other conventions I’ve been to, I exhibited with my fellow print-studio-mates Alden and Alex under the name “Three-armed squid”, which I think was an improvement over my prior experiences. In general our table got … Read More

Etchings from the museum

April 23, 2012New art work

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I’m taking an etching class. I’m focusing on learning basic techniques, because the first time I took an etching class I felt overwhelmed with all the different techniques. The etchings are actually based on the dioramas at the Museum of Natural History. Basically I went to the museum … Read More

Working project: 3-d book

April 6, 2012Sketches

I’m in the midst of printing a new book project, something that fits within my “Alien Encounters” line of comics (I’m making it sound as if I have a bunch of comics, which is completely false). This book, like “The Tower” will be a stereoscopic 3-d book. Ideally it will also have a color section. … Read More