Book of etchings

August 14, 2012New art work

Here’s an accordion book of the etchings I’ve been doing. To reiterate, I’ve been doing etchings of the dioramas at the Museum of Natural History. The book has 8 etchings. which uses a mixture of hardground and aquatint.. I only have 6 copies of the book, so it’s the most expensive book I’ve ever made … Read More

My first sewing project

August 14, 2012New art work

I got a sewing machine 4 years ago, which I never used. I also have a lot of stuffing that’s just been sitting in a closet. Since I saw people (really Shannon, who does pillows) at the SVA printshop printing on fabric, I was inspired to try the same. This is the first time I’ve … Read More

Gorilla monoprint

August 10, 2012New art work

For my second monoprint, I did a gorilla. I drew it from memory, which is why to me it looks a bit cartoony. I think I should have just made the whole eye black instead of showing the whites of the eyes. This monoprint is made using a brayer, and I have trouble making fine … Read More

More elephants!

August 3, 2012New art work

Here’s yet another etching of elephants. This is actually two plates pushed together to make one image.