Chimp pillow

October 25, 2012New art work

My latest sewing creation: the chimp pillow. You get two chimps one one pillow for variety. The poses were sort of inspired from Bruce Lee. I a perfect world, I would put an audio device in the pillow that made sound whenever you punched the pillow, but right now it’s not feasible financially.

The where, the why, the how

October 18, 2012inspiration

I found this video in Parka Blogs.What struck me is how limited the animation is and how it doesn’t affect the quality of the video. I should try doing a video like that someday.

I’m on SVA’s facebook page

October 16, 2012News

SVA is showing some of my work on their facebook page. I actually haven’t checked it out, because it’s weird to read about myself. But for everyone else, check it out at :

New website design

October 16, 2012News

So last week I decided to redesign my site out of the blue. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but with the amount of work it takes to create a WordPress theme, I kept putting it off. Finally decided to use an existing theme, which has a snazzy web shop built in. … Read More

More dinosaur product

October 11, 2012New art work

Continuing my quest to have a wider range of products, I decided to print my popular t-rex design on fabric which I then sewed to make cushions and bags. Everybody’s been telling me I should print on tote bags, but I personally don’t like tote bags. I do like backpacks though, and this design is … Read More