I had to google the spinning plane for my last entry and I found a link about the artist. By the way, I’m sad to say that my idea of making the sculpture into a ride was totally unoriginal. There I said it, I’m a hack.
Here are some quotes from the artist about her work, because I feel like commenting on some of the things she said:

With my work, I don’t prepare explanations that give direction or meaning, or a path to follow,” she said. “I prefer the opposite. Everything is already inside the piece, and I like to give complete freedom to the viewer to explore it with their own thoughts.”

That sounds to me like “I just throw shit together, and let other people bullshit for me”. Admittedly, the spinning plane is definitely more impressive than “The Bottle Rack”
by Marcel Duchamp. And outsourcing the artist statement to the viewers of the work is pure genius. God knows, I’ve often wondered if I had the skill to string together complicated words and create meaningless sentences. Now I know, somebody else can do that for me.

“My work is never purely visual,” she said. “When an artwork is really powerful and beautiful, you don’t even need to look at it. You just glimpse it form the corner of your eye, and there’s something in the space that is beyond the visual. It’s not about observing, it’s about feeling.”

This quote is emblematic of the meaninglessness of modern art. What the #%$# does it mean? It’s like saying “A sculpture will be created 30 years from now, just thinking about this wondrous yet as of now shapeless work of art brings me to tears”. Pretty ridiculous, right? Clearly I can’t be moved by something visual if I don’t see it. The very fact that I have to bring that up in response to the above quote shows how ridiculous art has become. Indeed there is art that you see from far away that instantly attracts you. But with art like that, people usually get closer to observe it more carefully. The “feeling” comes from from the “observing”, when you’re talking about visual art, you can’t separate the two. The above quote sounds very “intellectual” while being simultaneously ridiculous.

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