Here is my latest project which I managed to finish for Mocca last week. It’s a “double book”, the cover page is a long piece of paper folded into a z which allows you to fit two books. The two books have the same story, the same artwork, the difference is that one book is 3-d, and the other is just in color…although if you look at the color with the 3-d glasses, the colors really vibrate. I’m told it’s like being on drugs. 🙂

I originally wanted the book to have text, but silkscreening text can be tricky. I’ve never been successful at it, certain letters won’t print or the ink from one letter will merge with the next. So instead of potentially ruining my artwork with badly printed text, I opted to put the story on the waistband, with the 3-d glasses (by the way , the text actually printed perfectly which really surprised me). You can only read the story with the red lens.

This book is heavily inspired from the EC sci-fi comics of the 50s, so I tried writing the story as dramatically as possible.

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