This February I took a class at the Art Student League to do figure drawing. This is the second class I’m taking at the league, and so far both classes have been let downs. I’ve read good reviews of the League, so I don’t understand why my experience with it is so different. The class I took this time was actually more geared toward abstract painters…I took it because it fit in my schedule, so that was my mistake. Of the two teachers, one of them really seemed to hate my drawings. She told me things about how to make my drawings better, but I both didn’t get what she was saying or saw any benefit to doing it her way. I think it would have helped me if she actually showed me a drawing that exemplified “best” practices. Also, she was adamant that I use a huge newsprint pad and charcoal, both things I am not fond of: newsprint pad because it’s a hassle to carry to class, and charcoal because it stains like crazy.

Below you will see bad photos of sketches on a huge newsprint pad.

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