Metropolitan museum of art

October 12, 2010Sketches

I did some sketching at the Metropolitan Museum of art today. I have a few more pages of sketches, but I think by the end of the day, I was getting tired of drawing. I hadn’t gone to the art museum in a year, and i forgot how inspiring it can be. I mostly stayed … Read More

Finished snorkeling book

October 1, 2010News

Today I finished printing the last page of my children’s book about snorkeling (which you can see in my “work” page). I still need to print the title page , the end papers, and the cover, but the end of this project is within sight. I first started working on this project in February, and … Read More

Sketching on location

September 24, 2010Tutorial

It was last year, on my trip to Egypt, that I started sketching on location. Part of the reason was that I broke my camera on my second day in Egypt and so had no choice but to draw draw draw. Although it frustrated me that my drawing weren’t like the “real” thing, I realized … Read More

Silkscreen Process

September 7, 2010Silkscreen

Because many people don’t know what silkscreen printing is, I’ll do a brief primer on it. I took some photos at the School of Visual Arts printshop to help illustrate some confusing passages. Silkscreen Printing is printing an image through the use of a silk mesh stretched over a frame(called silkscreen). Unlike most printing methods … Read More

Learning WordPress

September 4, 2010News

This is my first site that is a wordpress blog. All of my past sites were static pages which I coded myself using HTML and CSS. This site also uses a design I created myself, and I kept it simple because I anticipated being a bit overwhelmed with WordPress. All the files on the server … Read More