Yesterday was the BCGF, and I had a good time. Experiencing the festival as an exhibitor and not as an attendee is very different. For one thing, I was there for the whole nine hours, and by the sixth hour, I was starting to space out and get really really hungry. Thankfully, a couple of friend came to my rescue and got me some hot dogs from “Asia dog”. Thanks Alex and Kim! I didn’t get to see the other exhibitor’s work, although I took a quick glance before the festival opened to the public and everything looked really good. I snuck out quickly to buy a “Rise and Fall” concertina from NoBrow.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by my table and saying nice things about my work! Now I need to plan for next weekends event: the Degenerate Craft Fair! I’ll probably bring a bit more stuff there, since it’s a 2-day event and I have a full table. And then it’s on to Mocca fest in April 2012.

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  • I picked up your mini, MAN VS WILD. You should definitely enter this into any contests you can find. It should win some sort of mini-comic prize just for sheer inventiveness.
    It’s a story that REALLY unfolds.

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