It’s that time again! The time that I bring all my silkscreened stuff to a comic book festival. This time I’ll be at CAKE in Chicago, which is a completely new city for me. The thoughts of getting on an airplane once again and possibly getting lost in Chicago are currently filling my mind with dread. But I digress, if I do find my way to the festival, I’ll actually have a working Square reader this time. Woooo! Progress!

Other than the Square reader, I sadly won’t be debuting new stuff. My Carboniferous book is still not finished, but I printed the first page of the book yesterday, so very soon I’ll have it done…I just need to finish the separations for the 2nd and 3rd page, write the copy, and do the drawings for the back of the book and the cover. And let’s not forget that after I print everything, I still need to cut, glue and bind ;_; <- those are tears. Well that's all the news for now!

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