The Toronto report

June 4, 2014Exhibitions

I’ve been procrastinating on writing my “TCAF” report. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table (sharing a table with fellow 3-arm squidder Alexandra Beguez)! As I mentioned in my last post, preparing for this festival was kind of a drag since it was in another country. I had to renew my passport, get Canadian … Read More

Ander’s Zorn: Sweden’s Master Painter

April 27, 2014Book Review, Exhibitions

As I was walking home this past Friday, along Fifth Avenue, I actually noticed a sign about an exhibition of Anders Zorn’s work in a museum I never knew existed. I walk past it all the time, and I didn’t realize the building was a museum called “the National Academy“. Anywoo, made it a point … Read More

APPsolute Fun! lecture at Society of Illustrators

January 16, 2013Exhibitions

Just got back from a lecture at the Society of Illustrators about how illustrator can go into the app making business (and also draw on the iPad). As a public service, so you dear reader can reap from the $15 I spent attending it, I’m sharing some of the notes I took. Laura Tallardy was … Read More

Degenerate Craft Fair

December 4, 2012Exhibitions, News

Yours truly along with Alden Viguilla and Alexandra Beguez (my cohorts for “Three-armed squid”) will have a table at the Degenerate Craft Fair selling our limited edition books, prints, cards and what have you. The craft fair takes place in two weeks, December 15 and 16 at the Dumbo Loft (that’s on 155 Water Sr, … Read More

Degenerate craft fair: the report

December 12, 2011Exhibitions

Just finished showing and selling stuff at the 2-day Degenerate Craft Fair and man, I really need to get a table partner! Once again, I couldn’t see a lot of what other exhibitors were showing, so I can’t report on that. I liked the stuff the few things I saw though :). Especially the exhibitor … Read More

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival part 2

December 4, 2011Exhibitions

Yesterday was the BCGF, and I had a good time. Experiencing the festival as an exhibitor and not as an attendee is very different. For one thing, I was there for the whole nine hours, and by the sixth hour, I was starting to space out and get really really hungry. Thankfully, a couple of … Read More

Desert Island Comic Zine Party Part 2

October 18, 2011Exhibitions

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to show and sell my work at the Whitney Museum as part of the “Desert Island Comic Zine Party”. Other artists showing their work included: Jungyeon Roh, Noah Lyon, Chris Uphues, Partyka Collective, Jen Tong, Sto, and Chris Patch. I never signed my name as much as I … Read More

New York Comic-con

October 18, 2011Exhibitions

Went to my very first comic-con last Friday. Although I’m a big anime / manga geek, I’ve never been to a convention because it looked intimidating with all the people dressed up as characters. I decided to give it a go this year for two reasons: first I found out some artists I like would … Read More

SVA Thesis show: Illustration as Visual Essay

May 5, 2011Exhibitions

I saw the thesis show for the “illustration as Visual Essay” program (SVA) last weekend. The reason I went is partly because I’m interested in the program, and also I’ve met a couple of people who are graduating from it this year. I was told that the thesis for the project has to be a … Read More

Mocca report

April 13, 2011Exhibitions

So this past weekend was my “MOCCA weekend”, and my very first convention as an exhibitor. Here’s my half-table setup. It was more sparse on Saturday, but then on Sunday I added more stuff to my display because I didn’t think subtlety would get me anywhere in this situation. I had no idea what to … Read More