Why boredom is good for your creativity

July 10, 2012News Articles

Here’s an article that talks about the all too familiar struggle of getting work done. I personally have to go to the print studio at SVA to work, I find too many things distracting in my apartment (internet, piano, food, dvd collection, book collection). I feel that the print studio has a more “work-friendly” atmosphere … Read More

Kim Jung-Gi books on sale at Stuart NG Books

June 28, 2012Book Review

To all the people who are interested in buying Kim Jung-Gi sketchbooks, but don’t want to have to buy directly from Korea, you’ll be happy to know that you can now buy it from Stuart Ng books. The price takes into account the shipping, so you might actually be spending more by buying it from … Read More

Oil Painting blog to check out

May 30, 2012inspiration

I just got an email from my oil painting teacher that he’s started a blog. I invite people to check it out, he has very definite opinions on what makes good art and he is pretty entertaining to boot. The blog url is http://blog.fineartportrait.com/. There are four entries so far, with hopefully a lot more … Read More

Figure drawing from your computer

February 23, 2012inspiration

I just discovered this link: http://www.pixelovely.com/gesture/ So far I’ve only tried out the animal drawing part, and I like it. It mimics an actual figure drawing class in that you can draw from a picture at different intervals.

3×3 blog, For what it’s worth

February 22, 2012News Articles

Here’s an uplifting blog entry I read. In fact, I feel illustrators have a much better opportunity to be successful in the future than designers. Why? As technology continues to improve designers will have fewer opportunities to do what they do best, whereas illustrators can offer visual solutions in any media for any product or … Read More

Tac au Tac

February 12, 2012inspiration

I discovered these videos on youtube. Apparently, “Tac au tac” is an old french tv show featuring famous European comic book artists. Most of the artists draw with a marker, skipping the sketching stage…something I’m not able to do at my current level. Anyway, the show is in french, but I don’t think it’s necessary … Read More

Santa Lilio Sangre

January 14, 2012Book Review

Santo Lilio Sangreis a 200 page book compiling the work of Ayami Kojima, known for creating “Castlevania” art. I’ve been a fan of her work ever since the Castevania game “Symphony of the night” came out. In fact the reason I bought the game was for the cover art. When I saw this book at … Read More

Justice and Mercy artbook review

December 30, 2011Book Review

“Justice and Mercy” is a 120 page book compiling Min-Woo Hyung‘s artwork. Min-Woo Hyung is the creator of the manwha series “Priest” which was turned into a movie last year. I like Min-Woo Hyung’s style: his figures are very angular, and they kind of look like fashion models. I think his style would lend itself … Read More

Overkill by Tomer Hanuka

December 28, 2011Book Review

Overkill by Tomer Hanuka is a 104 page book compiling the illustrator’s work over the years. I really like the cover for this book, it’s hot pink book cloth with a debossed sticker, and some metal foil type on the back. It makes the book seem expensive. I generally like Tomer Hanuka’s artwork; the colors … Read More

Yuko Shimizu artbook

December 26, 2011Book Review

I first discovered Yuko Shimizu about 5 years ago, leafing through a huge illustration book when I used to work in an ad agency. Incidentally, she also used to work in an ad agency in Japan, and in her 30s decided to study illustration in New York. Her story sort of inspired me to attempt … Read More