Sargent Portrait Drawings: 42 Works

March 2, 2011Book Review

Although I don’t really do portraiture or work in charcoal, the artwork in this book is amazing. There are artists who are good, and then there are artists who are really good. John Singer Sargent is definitely an artist above all others. Looking at all his portraits, you get an idea of the character the … Read More

Colossal Street Art

February 27, 2011inspiration

Article in the NYTimes about a street artist “JR”. He mostly pastes huge photo portraits in sometimes unusual spots. Definitely attention-grabbing.

Schiele Drawings: 44 works

February 22, 2011Book Review

Another cool book from Dover! This is a collection of sketches/ drawings by Egon Schiele. Schiele is a comtemporary of the artist Klimt, and they were both part of the Vienna Secessionist movement. The Vienna Secessionist movement is, superficially, very similar to art nouveau, but uses a bit less embellishments. Klimt is known for paintings … Read More

Cool “making-of” cartoon

February 9, 2011inspiration

Found this video on CartoonBrew. Thought I’d share it on my blog because I liked it. I’m only posting the making of video, because it inspires me to try my hand at animating. The artist / animator is Fran Krause.

“Drawings of Mucha” book review

January 17, 2011Book Review

I’ll be reviewing the book “Drawings of Mucha: 70 works by Alphone Maria Mucha, including 9 in full color” from Dover Publications. It’s a bit tricky to review a book containing mostly art..especially when the book title gives it away. Either you like the drawings, or you don’t and that’s that. You can’t really argue … Read More

Are illustration competition scams?

January 15, 2011News Articles

This is a question I’ve been wondering since I’ve received an email from Communication Arts reminding me of their illustration competition. For the record I entered their competition last year, I also entered American Illustration, 3×3, and Society of Illustrators. I’ve “lost” all of them. I could just assume that I’m not as good as … Read More

“Your creative license” review

January 10, 2011Book Review

Still don’t have a scanner this week, so I can’t upload some new sketches I did. Here’s a book review instead (my first)! Your creative license by Danny Gregory Interestingly, this is categorized as a self-help book. If you’re the type of person with a strict daily routine, and never do anything remotely artistic, then … Read More