Self-published Lost Falcon

March 10, 2020New art work
It's been a while since I last wrote a post. My ongoing battle with insomnia makes it hard to stay productive sometimes. I saw a new sleep doctor, and I FINALLY was prescribed sleep medicine, as opposed to anti-depressants that have sleep-inducing side effects. Turns out, sleep medicine doesn't stop me from waking up in [...]

Making toys

December 21, 2018New art work
Since I finished working on my Triassic accordion book, I’ve been wasting time making 3-d objects. I should be focused on making more books, but instead, I feel like making toys. I love toys…or rather, I used to love toys. I feel like, when I was young, I had stronger feelings about stuff. For instance [...]

Progress on Triassic book, and other project

August 19, 2018New art work
FINALLY! An update on the various stuff I've been working on. First and foremost, I have finished the artwork and text on "The Triassic." Now all that's left is to produce it...I don't know how that's going to happen since I'm not in New York, and therefore have no access to a print lab. I'll [...]

New diorama

January 30, 2018New art work, Silkscreen
I finished a new project. It's a music box/diorama. Check out the video here to see it in action. Before I get into the whole "inspiration/process", let me do a quick plug that you can buy the one model I have in my shop. Okay, so with that out of the way, let's talk about [...]

New book: The Lost Falcon

November 9, 2017New art work
Just a couple of weeks ago, I finally finished my newest project "The Lost Falcon". I finished the bulk of the project back in August, but there were some loose ends that I just recently finished. The longer I work on a project the harder it is to keep working on it. It's a vicious [...]

Works in progress

March 2, 2017New art work
It's been hard these past two months to work on my personal projects. Between my four week vacation, I've taken freelance jobs where I've had to travel and work long hours...As a result, I kind of feel exhausted. I guess I'm at the phase in my projects where it feels like it will never be complete. But [...]

Completed the carboniferous book!

July 24, 2015New art work

After one year of toil and pain, I have finally FINALLY completed the fourth book in my prehistoric series of book. I have it for sale in my online store (over at Big Cartel). It’s an edition of 30. Just one more book and I’ll have finished the Paleozoic…I’m still debating whether to do the … Read More

Lemur Carousel book completed!

July 30, 2014Animals, New art work

Just completed a new pop-up book, to replace my retired “Gannet” pop-up book. The subject is lemurs, specifically black and white ruffed lemurs, which I chose because they’re on display in the Central Park Zoo. I was struggling to find a story for this book. Granted, the last carousel book doesn’t have much of a … Read More

The Devonian

April 7, 2014New art work

I actually completed this book back in December but neglected to make a post about it…mostly because I dread taking pictures of my work. I’ve got two digital cameras and neither of them work. Also, every picture I take requires extensive photoshopping to clean up. Anywoo: the Devonian! It’s the third book in my prehistoric … Read More

Work in progress : the devonian

November 6, 2013New art work

Here is a work in progress, the third book in my prehistoric series “The devonian”. The past two books, I’ve been able to start in May and finish in August. But this book has taken me entirely too long as I started in May this year, and I’m still working on it. I’ve just finished … Read More