NYU holiday card

December 12, 2011New art work, watercolors

This past October, I got a job from NYU to do a watercolor for them. I’ve mostly done graphic design jobs in the past, and on one of those projects, I did a watercolor. Apparently, the card with the watercolor got a great response, and so they wanted me to do another watercolor for the … Read More

T-rex t-shirt

November 28, 2011New art work

Back in April, I drew a picture of a t-rex on a bike. I liked my drawing so much that I thought I should submit it as a t-shirt design on Threadless. Well my design didn’t win, but since I can silkscreen shirts on my own, I don’t need to rely on Threadless. I did … Read More

New carousel book

November 25, 2011New art work

I recently finished a new carousel book. The format is based on a children’s book I have (the story of Hansel and Gretel), it has ten pop-up pages, and the whole book folds back to create a carousel…I think carousel is the right term, but I may be mistaken. Anyway, I created my first carousel … Read More

Gumbo Limbo mini comic

October 13, 2011New art work

This piece was inspired from a dream I had in which gigantic alligators were fighting each other. I thought gigantic alligators would make a really really cool visual. So I made this 16 page comic about a field trip to the Everglades gone wrong. There are no words, just pictures. Also, this comic has a … Read More

Man vs. wild foldout poster

October 13, 2011New art work

This piece is inspired from a piece I have created by Tomi Um, an illustrator I met at SVA a couple of years ago. I really like the concept behind the piece, that as you unfold it a new image reveals itself furthering the story. So this is my piece in response to that. Also, … Read More

Flipbook project

September 9, 2011New art work

My new project, which I hope to finish by October (doesn’t seem likely at this point, but maybe I can pull a miracle) is a flipbook. I’ve always wanted to do animation, but never studied it in depth. I’ve done about three very short hand drawn animations before, but this is the first one where … Read More

New Book :The Cambrian

August 16, 2011New art work

A few months ago, I bought a book called “The age of reptiles: the art and science of Rudolph Zallinger’s great dinosaur mural at Yale”. The book has a reproduction of the mural that folds like an accordeon, and it inspired me to do something similar. So for the past four months I’ve been working … Read More

New print : The Lion

July 15, 2011New art work

Here’s another print in my “feral children” series. This print is inspired from the book, by Joseph Kessel “The lion”. On the left is the picture colored digitally, and on the right is the silkscreened print. This print was a bit more difficult to color match, especially since I was dealing with four transparent colors. … Read More

An ode to pigeons

June 21, 2011New art work

Here’s an illustration inspired by my experience with pigeons (as a little girl). The image on the left is the digital image from which I printed my silkscreen separations. The one on the right, is the silkscreen print.

Fiction Project

April 30, 2011New art work

I decided a couple of months ago to enter the Fiction Project at the Brooklyn Art Library. I decided to use the opportunity, with the very real deadline of May 2, to work on a autobiographical comic I’ve been wanting to do for two years. Because it’s an autobiography, I’ve been stressing over finding the … Read More