Threadless “Noir” contest

April 10, 2011New art work

I just submitted a design for the Threadless Noir contest. I just did it tonight in 2 hours. Don’t expect to win the contest, but wanted to submit to see how fast I could churn something out. It’s an amalgamation of all the film noir clich├ęs I could think of.

Gowanus printlab t-shirt contest

April 9, 2011New art work

I submitted a drawing for Gowanus Printlab T-Shirt design contest., because why the heck not? I’ve never been to the Gowanus Printlab, and if I didn’t have prior engagements tomorrow I’d probably go to their awards party. I submitted one design but two different color schemes because I couldn’t make up my mind. It’s an … Read More

Illustration Friday- Layers

April 3, 2011New art work

Layers are things (of the same kind) piled on top of each other, right? So decided to do layers of people. Like I mentioned in my “Reverse” submission, I wanted to tackle drawing groups of people, and my source of inspiration was the same (Utena Art book). Looked online for some reference photos. Found this … Read More

Illustration Friday : Toy

March 31, 2011New art work

My submission for this week’s suggestion. Don’t really have time to do a proper drawing, so this is just a sketch. I basically drew one of my teddy bears, but didn’t use use any reference material for the kids. I’ll need to replace the clothings of the kids with less generic looking stuff, but you … Read More

Illustration Friday : Warning

March 10, 2011New art work

I like the distortions that happen with fish eye lenses and I wanted to do something in that vein. It’s too bad I can’t seem to find nformation on how to draw “distorted” perspective correctly. I think in a perspective course I took, the teacher mentioned something about 4 point perspective, which according to another … Read More

Illustration Friday : Swarm

March 3, 2011New art work

About a year ago I saw amazing wildlife footage of gannets fishing sardines underwater. (Seriously check it out! It also has sharks, dolphins, and a whale! It’s the most awesome wildlife footage ever!)It’s somewhat surreal to see birds “flying” in the sea. I’ve been wanting to draw something inspired from that video for a long … Read More

Illustration Friday – Reverse

February 23, 2011New art work

UPDATE: Check out the work section to see the silkscreen version of this illustration Here’s my submission. The wrestling move pictured is a “reverse gut wrench”. I’m actually going to talk a bit about the process I went through to get to this picture. Since I’m generally interested by how people get to their final … Read More

Illustration Friday: Sweater

February 16, 2011New art work

Don’t really have time this week to do an illustration. Nonetheless, I drew this up tonight. I used a pencil to draw the lines, but I usually use a mechanical pencil. I was focused on getting the girl’s legs right, and towards this end, I modeled for my own drawing. Drawing yourself while holding a … Read More

Boy and bear new illustration

December 17, 2010New art work, Silkscreen

I finished a new illustration of a boy wrestling/ hugging a bear. I originally wanted the picture to be unambiguous and show the boy and bear play fighting. But then some people to whom I showed preliminary sketches thought it was a dangerous situation for the boy, so i toned it down and it seems … Read More