Lemur Carousel book completed!

July 30, 2014Animals, New art work

Just completed a new pop-up book, to replace my retired “Gannet” pop-up book. The subject is lemurs, specifically black and white ruffed lemurs, which I chose because they’re on display in the Central Park Zoo. I was struggling to find a story for this book. Granted, the last carousel book doesn’t have much of a … Read More

On location sketches

January 19, 2014Animals, journaling, portraits, Sketches

I recently finished a sketchbook I usually use for drawing on location. So you’ll see here lots of drawings done at the zoo, and the MET + AMNH museums. Because the sketchbook is small, I usually flip it upside down when I want to draw on the bottom of the page…makes it easier on the … Read More

Watercolor commission

May 1, 2013New art work, watercolors

An old coworker of mine recently commissioned me to do some watercolors of her newborn baby. You can see the results above. I was thinking, as I was doing the watercolors, that I’ve really gotten spoiled with crearing on the computer: you can always undo. With watercolors, if you make a mistake, it’s impossible to … Read More

New York buildings

March 19, 2013journaling, Sketches

I don’t usually draw buildings or cityscapes because: 1 Drawing cubes doesn’t interest me, and 2 I have a hard time keeping everything in proportion, but here are some sketches I did recently. I think the sketch with the white sky is the best cityscape I’ve ever drawn. I still fudged up the amount of … Read More

Learning how to draw with the Wacom tablet

December 23, 2012New art work, portraits, Sketches

After looking at a few videos of professional comic book artists creating drawings completely in the digital realm, I’ve decided to try my hand at it. My method in creating art work has been to draw on an actual piece of paper, scan the drawing in and color digitally. One of the drawbacks is that … Read More

White pen review

December 21, 2012Animals, Product Review, Sketches

Bought a new small sketchbook for drawing on location last week (Strathmore Toned Tan). As a result of the toned paper, I bought a couple of white pens for fun (I actually have white chalk / pastel but don’t like how it smudges). Here’s my super quick evaluation of the three white pens I bought. … Read More

Line art for textile prints

September 28, 2012Sketches

I’ve decided to do more prints on textiles since I’ve gotten better acquainted with my sewing machine. The above line art is meant for cushions / pillows. Originally I wanted the frog to blow bubbles through a pipe, but I thought some parents might get offended with the pipe (since my work is supposed to … Read More

Working project: 3-d book

April 6, 2012Sketches

I’m in the midst of printing a new book project, something that fits within my “Alien Encounters” line of comics (I’m making it sound as if I have a bunch of comics, which is completely false). This book, like “The Tower” will be a stereoscopic 3-d book. Ideally it will also have a color section. … Read More

Oil Painting class: second layer of paint

March 2, 2012New art work, portraits

Here’s a followup on the oil painting I started a few weeks ago. I won’t be able to finish it since the models are no longer in the class. This is the first layer of paint on top of the raw umber underpainting. I should point out that I have never painted oil before. I’ve … Read More