Lemur Carousel book completed!

July 30, 2014Animals, New art work

Just completed a new pop-up book, to replace my retired “Gannet” pop-up book. The subject is lemurs, specifically black and white ruffed lemurs, which I chose because they’re on display in the Central Park Zoo. I was struggling to find a story for this book. Granted, the last carousel book doesn’t have much of a … Read More

On location sketches

January 19, 2014Animals, journaling, portraits, Sketches

I recently finished a sketchbook I usually use for drawing on location. So you’ll see here lots of drawings done at the zoo, and the MET + AMNH museums. Because the sketchbook is small, I usually flip it upside down when I want to draw on the bottom of the page…makes it easier on the … Read More

White pen review

December 21, 2012Animals, Product Review, Sketches

Bought a new small sketchbook for drawing on location last week (Strathmore Toned Tan). As a result of the toned paper, I bought a couple of white pens for fun (I actually have white chalk / pastel but don’t like how it smudges). Here’s my super quick evaluation of the three white pens I bought. … Read More

American Museum of Natural History sketches

February 19, 2012Animals, Sketches

Over the Christmas break, I spent a lot of time at the Miami Metrozoo sketching animals. All the books about animal drawing I’ve read say it’s very important to go to the zoos and draw from life, but the more I thought about it the more it didn’t make sense to me. Animals, unlike humans, … Read More

Sketchbook Project at Arthouse co-op

January 29, 2012Animals, journaling, watercolors

I am about to send out my submission to the sketchbook project. The sketchbook tour will start April 2012, but in the meantime here are some of the sketches I did. I focused on drawing architecture because it’s not my strong point (and there are also some animal sketches). The tricky thing about architecture is … Read More

Lion sketches

July 29, 2011Animals, Sketches

Here are some “studies” I did of lions for the piece I posted last week. While I was looking online for reference material, I came across this charity in Florida, Big Cat Rescue, with two awesome YouTube channels which were very helpful in getting interesting cat poses. The first channel has educational videos and such. … Read More

Drawing classes

July 2, 2011Animals, portraits, watercolors

So this summer I ‘ve enrolled in a couple of drawing classes. I’m taking a portraiture class. I’m fairly happy with the woman’s portrait, less so with the man’s portrait. Either way, the two portraits lack “the essence of the person” if I can go a little metaphysical for a moment. I’m also taking a … Read More