Photo sketches

June 9, 2011Sketches

Came back from a long vacation. Spent my time drawing from fashion magazines. Since I do a lot of figure drawing I’m good at drawing naked people contorting in weird ways. Fashion modeling however has clothed models in stiff positions, which is a change of pace from what I used to. The other nice thing … Read More

Figure drawing : couple

May 3, 2011figure drawing, Sketches

Went to a life-drawing session last Wednesday and had both a male and a female model. It’s only the fourth time I’ve drawn two models at the same time and it can be challenging to draw two bodies in short poses. I personally wonder how the heck the models can actually be both naked at … Read More

Drawing at the MET

April 18, 2011Sketches

I went to the Metropolitan museum on Thursday. When I was making my way to the ticket booth, some guy stopped me and gave me his admission button. Thank you random guy for allowing me to save some money. 🙂 So I went to the museum to sketch me some statues in the European art … Read More

Figure drawing: reclining male nude

March 17, 2011figure drawing, Sketches

I’m not submitting anything for Illustration Friday this week. I’m busy working on other things, getting ready for the Mocca fest most importantly. I may not be contributing pieces to ilustration for a few weeks…unless the suggestions really inspire me. Instead, this week I’m offering up some sketches I did last Monday. It was a … Read More

Figure Drawing

February 20, 2011figure drawing, Sketches

I bought a new sketchbook, Fabriano Quadrato Artist’s Journal. I typically buy cheap sketchbooks, but I bought this because there’s four different color papers in it,which would allow me to work with white pencil. I often see these figure drawings by artists that depict both highlights and shadow , so I want to try that … Read More

Figure drawing

February 13, 2011figure drawing, Sketches

Went to do some life drawing at the Spring Street Studio. In many ways I prefer the studio over the Art Student League, where I went last November. My main gripe against the life drawing classes at the league were the amount of long poses. Any pose over ten minutes long, to me, is a … Read More

Waiting room sketches

February 7, 2011journaling, Sketches

These are sketches I drew 1 to 2 years ago in various doctors’ waiting rooms . The third image is a combination of waiting room and subway. Drawing on location is a bit tricky because things never stay still. The moment I start drawing a person, said person moves even though he was staying still … Read More

Metrozoo sketches

January 30, 2011journaling, Sketches

While on my Miami vacation, I went to the zoo about 5 times, to sketch and take pictures. I feel I have to promote the zoo a bit here, because when I went there, it was kind of empty. So here are three cool things about Miami Metrozoo: You buy a general admission once, if … Read More

Figure drawing week 4

December 1, 2010Sketches

Today was my last day taking the figure drawing class. I don’t know that my figure drawing got better, but I think I’m better able to draw people from memory.