On location sketches

January 19, 2014Animals, journaling, portraits, Sketches

I recently finished a sketchbook I usually use for drawing on location. So you’ll see here lots of drawings done at the zoo, and the MET + AMNH museums. Because the sketchbook is small, I usually flip it upside down when I want to draw on the bottom of the page…makes it easier on the … Read More

Learning how to draw with the Wacom tablet

December 23, 2012New art work, portraits, Sketches

After looking at a few videos of professional comic book artists creating drawings completely in the digital realm, I’ve decided to try my hand at it. My method in creating art work has been to draw on an actual piece of paper, scan the drawing in and color digitally. One of the drawbacks is that … Read More

Oil Painting class: second layer of paint

March 2, 2012New art work, portraits

Here’s a followup on the oil painting I started a few weeks ago. I won’t be able to finish it since the models are no longer in the class. This is the first layer of paint on top of the raw umber underpainting. I should point out that I have never painted oil before. I’ve … Read More


August 20, 2011portraits

My portraiture class ended two weeks ago, so here are some of the drawings I did for it. I think I’ve gotten better at drawing likenesses, but I still need practice. One of the portraits in the line-up is of an imaginary person, but I won’t say who.

Drawing classes

July 2, 2011Animals, portraits, watercolors

So this summer I ‘ve enrolled in a couple of drawing classes. I’m taking a portraiture class. I’m fairly happy with the woman’s portrait, less so with the man’s portrait. Either way, the two portraits lack “the essence of the person” if I can go a little metaphysical for a moment. I’m also taking a … Read More