Mocca fest 2013

April 3, 2013News

This weekend I will be sharing a table with fellow “squiders” Alden and Alex at Mocca Fest 2013. I’m paradoxically not super excited. I feel a bit burned out with festivals, and I really shouldn’t be considering I’ve only done eight over two years. We will have the new issue of 3-arm squid to debut … Read More

Illustration Served

March 19, 2013News

I got an email on Saturday, which unfortunately got filtered to my junk mail, informing me my “goggling at fishes” book was featured on the blog “Illustration served“, which is part of BeHance. I’m happy with any exposure, although I worry it means I actually have to post more stuff on BeHance. I’m kinda lazy … Read More

Gowanus Print Lab Holiday Fair

December 23, 2012News

Yesterday night, I was a vendor at the Gowanus Print Lab Holiday Fair. I was warned beforehand that the turnout for the event might be very low, as I was only one of three vendors who applied to the event. But since the table was fairly cheap, and I had made very little money at … Read More

Degenerate craft fair report

December 20, 2012News

This past weekend, me and two of my fellow squiders (I feel our collective “Three-armed squid” should have a nickname) showed and attempted to sell our wares at the Degenerate Craft Fair. Overall, I was disappointed with the experience. I sold the least amount of stuff I’ve ever sold at fairs. It came as a … Read More

Degenerate Craft Fair

December 4, 2012Exhibitions, News

Yours truly along with Alden Viguilla and Alexandra Beguez (my cohorts for “Three-armed squid”) will have a table at the Degenerate Craft Fair selling our limited edition books, prints, cards and what have you. The craft fair takes place in two weeks, December 15 and 16 at the Dumbo Loft (that’s on 155 Water Sr, … Read More

Price increase in the horizon

December 1, 2012News

I started selling my artwork just last year, in 2011. Although I initially wanted to make my art affordable for everyone, I’ve come to the realization that as a business model, it’s unsustainable. The way that I produce my wares, where everything is done by hand just doesn’t lend itself to low prices. If I … Read More

Merging together my illustration and design portfolios

November 21, 2012News

Since I’ve updated my site, I was wondering whether I should merge together my design site with this site. The reason why I made different sites to begin with was because my illustration work looks different than my design work, which has a more “corporate” look. The different aesthetics is just a reflection of the … Read More

What I learned from the Nobrow talk

November 16, 2012News

Yesterday, one of the founders of Nobrow, publishers of illustrated books, came by the School of Visual Arts to talk about his company. He showed slides of their initial workspace, their store, and the books they’ve published over the years. A lot of the inspiration for NoBrow came from japanese illustrated books of the 70s. … Read More

Social Me

November 16, 2012News

Due to popular demand from people I meet at conventions, I’ve started to set up social media sites on twitter, facebook and the like. I actually already had a facebook site, but I though I should set up something more professional…And the Twitter account, I’ve had for a year, but never used it. You see, … Read More

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest is over

November 12, 2012News

This past Saturday, I exhibited my work at the BCGF. I was surprised by how crazy packed the festival was. Usually in festivals crowds come in waves, but this time it was pretty much packed throughout the day. It was so packed, condensation formed on the walls and I had to take down my print … Read More