After one year of toil and pain, I have finally FINALLY completed the fourth book in my prehistoric series of book. I have it for sale in my online store (over at Big Cartel). It’s an edition of 30. Just one more book and I’ll have finished the Paleozoic…I’m still debating whether to do the Mesozoic, but I digress. To be honest, I was starting to despair that I would never finish this book. Admittedly, there was lots of procrastinating, but honestly there were a lot of parts where I was lost.

I think I’ve learned something through this project, and that is I need to get better visual reference, especially pertaining to backgrounds which I’m not keen on drawing to begin with. Drawing underwater scenes is usually simpler: you could have a fish float in a background of blue, and that would be perfectly fine. But since this book happens on land, moreover in forests, I can’t cheat and draw animals against color backgrounds.

On a positive note, I’m getting kind of excited that I’m progressing up the evolutionary chain. I’m drawing reptiles now and not trilobites! Woooo!

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