This past weekend, me and two of my fellow squiders (I feel our collective “Three-armed squid” should have a nickname) showed and attempted to sell our wares at the Degenerate Craft Fair. Overall, I was disappointed with the experience. I sold the least amount of stuff I’ve ever sold at fairs. It came as a surprise to me because I actually did a lot better at last year’s Degenerate Craft Fair. There were a few things working against us this year: the weather wasn’t too good, and the location of the fair, Dumbo, was deserted. Last year’s location which was in Soho had a lot more traffic. I also felt that for the most part, people just weren’t into our offering of books and prints. I personally love getting books as presents, but apparently that crowd had different priorities.

Apart from my disappointing experience, I did have a couple of “new” things to sell: handmade journals and pouches.

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