This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to show and sell my work at the Whitney Museum as part of the “Desert Island Comic Zine Party”. Other artists showing their work included:
Jungyeon Roh, Noah Lyon, Chris Uphues, Partyka Collective, Jen Tong, Sto, and Chris Patch.

I never signed my name as much as I did that day. Signing my work is not something I do often because the way I see it, the signature stains the work. But anything to please the kids who seemed to enjoy collecting the free prints and asking for signatures. I forgot to mention, each artist had to do a drawing for free prints. See below:

My drawing was a bunch of people falling from the sky…I am kind of fascinated by falling/jumping and drawings that have no up and down. I tried something a bit different with this picture in terms of rendering. Since it was just going to be one color, I wanted to put lots of lines. My drawing was used for the event poster (YEAH!).

Anyway, back to the event, which was a lot more packed than I thought it would be. It was interesting to see which work was popular (my Cambrian book) and what didn’t do as well as expected (my tyranosaurus t-shirt). The Whitney staff was super nice, and let us keep the extra prints and posters they had. The whole event lasted about three hours, which was a good thing considering I didn’t eat the whole day (it’s a running theme lately).

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