Here’s my second Claire Wendling book review for Drawers 2.0 (second edition of the book). This is a big artbook ( 9.5in by 11.5 in. 144 pages) with a variety of artwork. The first 9 pages shows panels from her comics (I don’t think she does comics anymore though). Then 26 pages of colored illustration, 44 pages of animal / mythical creatures/ nude women sketches, 40 pages of animation design/concept work, 6 pages of black and white illustrations, and 6 pages of nude female paintings for the book “Aphrodite”….Do the pages add up? I don’t think so, but this is just to give you an idea of the contents.

I highly recommend the book, especially if you have an interest in animal art and comic book/animation art. The other nice thing about the book, and the artist, is the variety of the drawings, meaning the work she does for animation is different than her comic book work. Her animation drawings are very streamlined and exaggerated. The rest of the work is similar in style to the stuff in Iguana Bay 2.0. She’s really good at capturing animals in motion and all her drawings have very fluid and .dynamic lines.
As with many other artbooks, there are a couple of erotic drawings towards the back of the book. I feel I have to warn people about the inclusion of porn in artbooks, but then it’s so prevalent I wonder if it’s even necessary. Just know that in this book, there’s not a lot of it, it’s easily skippable, and it’s not super hardcore stuff that’ll scar you…not like the stuff in Katsuya Terada‘s books, which I shall also review eventually.

As with the last book I reviewed, I only know of one place that carries this book: Stuart Ng Books.

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