I finally added some pieces to the portfolio section of my site. I added three new books to the illustration portion and updated the photos for my “Gannets” pop-up book which were too blurry. I also added a presentation to the Design section of my site. I would like to add more presentations to my portfolio, since that is something I’ve been doing a lot of for the past year, but most of that work is for business pitches. Consequently, a lot of it has confidential information which I can’t share on my portfolio.

I have bigger news to share: I’ll be doing three comic festivals this fall. So first up: New York Art Book Fair in late September. I didn’t get in (Boooooh!). It doesn’t matter though because the SVA printshop has a table, so I can sell my books through them (you thought you could stop me P.M? Mwahahahaha). The lesson here is “it’s important to have connections who can hook you up if you need it”.

Second festival in early October is Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. Third festival will be Locust Moon in late October in Philadelphia. And the last (but certainly not least) festival of the season is Comic Arts Brooklyn!

I’ve never done so many festivals in so little time. Honestly, I’m afraid, mostly because my stock of silkscreen books is running low. I think I’ll have enough wares for San Francisco, but I’ll need to reprint my books for Locust Moon and C.A.B…the horror.

Last bit of news: I had an interview published in the Examiner! I tried to keep my answers short so it should be a fast read.

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