I decided a couple of months ago to enter the Fiction Project at the Brooklyn Art Library. I decided to use the opportunity, with the very real deadline of May 2, to work on a autobiographical comic I’ve been wanting to do for two years. Because it’s an autobiography, I’ve been stressing over finding the “right” drawing style for it. I didn’t want to make the drawings too realistic to create a sort of distance from the project…but the thing is I’m not too good at cartoony or abstract drawings. So with the Fiction Project, I decided to stop worrying about the artwork and just draw whatever came out. I’ll admit that I’m not happy with my drawings: apparently I can’t draw small and I’m still learning how to draw well with a pen.

I consider the comic a rough draft of the final piece. This is me just trying to see how much I remember. Also, the comic for the Fiction Project is just the first part of the whole story (i ran out of pages). Anyway, the comic is about my breast cancer experience and the first part explains why it took 6 months for me to get diagnosed. Although the comic is about health problems, I did try to make it funny. So now without much further ado: here’s a pdf link to my fiction project comic.
Comments and criticisms are welcome, as this is the rough draft 🙂

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