I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Yours truly has been very busy working freelance jobs. Truth be told, since I left my cushy yet stressful corporate job three years ago, I was focused on creating my silkscreen books and comic and wasn’t really looking or getting many paid jobs. This year though has been different as I’ve been working with recruiters who are very good at finding me work. A lot of my work has consisted of designing Powerpoint presentation. I didn’t even know there was such a demand for this and it always boggles my mind. Anywoo…

The increased jobs means that my creative output has decreased unfortunately. I am working on a new book for my “prehistoric life” series, but it’s taking me considerably more time to complete it than in previous years. The good thing about my freelance career though is that I actually have money to go to conventions outside of New York, which is just what I’ll be doing this weekend! I am going to the Alternative Press Expo (APE for short) this weekend in San Francisco. I’ll be at table 705, which i’m told is near the front on the upper level… Apparently there’s levels to this thing so it promises to be a huge convention.

Hopefully next year I’ll be able to keep on traveling to other shows. I applied for the Toronto comic festival and am waiting to hear back on that. And since I’m not doing Mocca anymore, I’d like to give “Stumptown” in Portland a try. But we’ll see.


  • Hello Estrella,

    We met ever so briefly towards the end of APE and I am truly in awe of your stellar work. I think it really speaks on various levels and has such a great level of playfulness and craftsmanship. I do hope it was a good experience for you both on the West Coast and in the convention overall. The market is very small, dense and talented here, so if you have questions, please let me know.

    I have a friend who also designed Keynote presentations here and it does boggle the mind that there’s such demand for it. Along the same, yet strange path, is another niche field called graphic recording or scribing.

    • Thank you for the kind words. As with many other artists (or so I’ve heard), I often become dissatisfied with my work so it’s nice to hear good things now and then 🙂 I very much enjoyed APE and San Francisco in general so I will definitely try to come back next year ….and hopefully the national parks won’t be closed next year.
      I’ve seen scribing and that is definitely not something I can do. Drawing on command without having the time to pull up references would seriously stress me out.

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