Yesterday night, I was a vendor at the Gowanus Print Lab Holiday Fair. I was warned beforehand that the turnout for the event might be very low, as I was only one of three vendors who applied to the event. But since the table was fairly cheap, and I had made very little money at last week’s craft fair, I have to take any opportunity I can to try and earn some money. As an aside, as a freelancer, it’s really hard to get paid on time (I once had to wait 3-4 months to get paid for a job I did), and these fairs have been really important for me to make ends meet.

Even though the turnout was low, I was actually pretty happy with the evening (there was sushi, a huge plus in my book). I met some really nice people, and I enjoyed talking to the people about my work and what not. Whereas last week’s fair was demoralizing, last night’s was uplifting. So thanks to the people who dropped by.

When I wasn’t talking to people about the work, I was reading the art magazine “Art Papers” so I could learn how to bullshit about art. It’s amazing how the writers can write paragraphs of text that are utterly devoid of meaning…Or maybe I’m too stupid to understand or appreciate what was written. Apart from reading the magazine, I also checked out the facilities because I was very curious to see the “octopus machine”. That’s the machine especially made to print on t-shirts. Given how most of my designs are 6 colors, and that it’s very tricky to register colors on fabric, I’m definitely interested in learning how to use the machine one day.

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