The book “Iguana Bay” (I have the second edition) is one of my favorite books in my collection. It features the artwork of french illustrator / comic book artist Claire Wendling. Claire is super talented, especially in her animal drawings. She simply does the best animal drawings hands down. Her line drawings are very fluid and dynamic. She’s definitely someone I look up to.

Now with the praise and adulation out of the way, let’s talk about this book. She actually has 4 artbooks published, and I have them all. “Iguana Bay” is my personal favorite. It’s a 100 page book, around 6 by 10 inches..which facilitates carrying it all over the place. It mostly has sketches and clean line drawings, but very little finished pieces. A lot of the sketches are studies of animals. A lot of the drawings have a fantasy theme as well. She draws minotaurs, centaurs, assorted barbarians. This book is my favorite because of the sheer amount of drawings in this thick book. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Since it’s a french book, the only place I know that carries it is Stuart Ng Books, a bookstore in California. A warning though, the book is VERY EXPENSIVE. If you can spare the cash, definitely a worthwhile purchase, but I think I’ve already said that.Here’s a direct link to the book.

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