UPDATE: Check out the work section to see the silkscreen version of this illustration

Here’s my submission. The wrestling move pictured is a “reverse gut wrench”. I’m actually going to talk a bit about the process I went through to get to this picture. Since I’m generally interested by how people get to their final art, I thought I should share a bit about how I do things. So if intrigued, read on!

Two guys wrestling

After mulling over this week’s suggestion, I remembered about this anime art book I have called “Art of Utena”. A lot of the promotional art for this anime series has people upside down, right side up. Here’s a piece in particular I’m fond of:

Utena art

So inspired from this piece, I thought about something that involved two people (keep it simple), in reverse positions. My mind went to wrestling and I looked through google for images of wrestling. I then started drawing the pictures to get a feel of the subject.

wrestling sketches

I found a picture which had exactly what I wanted…In the sketches above, it’s the picture in the center. The drawing is heavily based on the picture. I did change a couple of things: I shifted the angle so the upside-down guys face would be visible, increased the foreshortening (to give the picture more depth), and replaced the two young boys with teens. Since I’m always looking to eventually silkscreen my drawings, I always keep the colors simple. This piece has five colors, which is plenty (beyond five and it starts to become a headache). So that’s a bit of my work process in a nutshell.

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